hey there, i'm novasoup!


trans, pan

16 yrs old


i am the awesomest afro-latina trans girl you'll ever meet! i take pride in my creativity and projects, and i have a LOT of skills/hobbies! making music, making art, doing graphic design, creating and animating 3D models, content creation, and learning to be a gamedev are all things i do in my spare time and hope to do for a living.
i also have a partner who i love very much, userlame!
(btw, you can just call me luna x3)

support me on my ko-fi if you like my stuff!

this here is my first "real" piece of digital art i've made, adapted from one of my many sketches i make during school. i'm especially proud of cementing my unique messy artstyle pretty well with it too!

a remix of a song from THE FINALS' soundtrack, which i made pretty quickly after i started playing the game! i guess it made that much of an impression on me...

hey, look! my first published original song! i've definitely improved since this release, but i still look back on this song fondly!

i have, uh, a lot of interests.

video games:

  • A Hat in Time

  • ARMS

  • Balatro

  • Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

  • Celeste

  • Dave the Diver

  • Deep Rock Galactic

  • FNAF (lore and content, not actually playing the games)

  • Fortnite

  • Friday Night Funkin'

  • Hi-Fi Rush

  • Jet Set Radio

  • Kirby

  • Minecraft

  • Overwatch 2

  • Pikmin

  • Pizza Tower

  • Pokemon

  • Rhythm Heaven

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Splatoon

  • Super Mario Bros.

  • Super Smash Bros.


  • Tinykin

content creators:

  • Alpharad

  • Arlo

  • AstralSpiff

  • Backseat Streams

  • D'Angelo Wallace

  • Daryl Talks Games

  • FUNKe

  • FitMC

  • Flamingo

  • GetMadz

  • Izzzyzzz

  • JP Art

  • Jacob Geller

  • Jarvis Johnson

  • Jordan Adika

  • Josh Strife Hayes

  • Kuncan Dastner

  • Kurtis Conner

  • LS Mark

  • Lumpy Touch

  • Markiplier

  • Nexpo

  • Nick Crowley

  • Nick Robinson

  • Noah Samsen

  • Pinely

  • Point Crow

  • ProChara

  • RelaxAlax

  • Ro Ramdin

  • Ryan Beard

  • Saberspark

  • Saji Sharma

  • Saltydkdan

  • Scott the Woz

  • Scruffy

  • SilokHawk

  • SmallAnt

  • SnapCube

  • Squid School

  • SuperEyepatchWolf

  • TerminalMontage

  • The Game Theorists

  • The Queer Kiwi

  • The Right Opinion

  • Wendigoon

  • gabi belle

  • gomotion

  • j aubrey

  • oliSUNvia

  • rassicas

  • tuv

other media:

  • Hamster & Gretel

  • Homestuck

  • Little Runmo

  • Loki

  • Milo Murphy's Law

  • Phineas and Ferb

  • Spider-Verse

  • SpongeBob

  • Tails Gets Trolled

  • The Amazing Digital Circus